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Alpaca Naturally is your source for wholesale alpaca product
100% Canadian, quality assured and retail ready.

Alpaca Naturally purchases well sorted fibre from Canadian alpaca farmers. If you have fibre for sale email us for details how you can join the Canadian Alpaca movement.

What makes us different?

We are Certified Alpaca Fibre Classers since 2004 and we class all of our fibre into specific Grade, Length and Color Lots,  batch it and stream it into the correct product lines, ship it to Canadian Mills according to the latest research and have it manufactured into rovings, bedding, yarn, socks and exquisite knitwear. Product is returned to Alpaca Naturally where it is quality checked and professionally labeled. Alpaca Naturally then wholesales the resulting luxurious alpaca wear to discriminating alpaca retailers across the country. Timing is perfect to supply an increasing consumer demand for quality assured Canadian alpaca goods. See our Product for Sale.


  1. Purchasing classed or clean well sorted alpaca fibre
  2. Classing fleece
  3. Researching best product opportunities.
  4. Working with the mills and staying abreast of the latest research to create the best quality alpaca product possible.
  5. Quality checking product and making it all retail ready
  6. Wholesaling quality assured alpaca product
  7. Facilitating Workshops on Best Practices for on farm Shearing and Sorting
  8. Hosting Product Information workshops for retailers
  9. Brokering raw fleece


Alpaca Naturally Inc. is a new company, built on nearly 60 years of experience. From the first days of alpacas in Canada, breeders have wanted someone to “just buy my fibre”. Alpaca Naturally Inc. is prepared to buy classed alpaca fleece, stream each grade, length and color lot into the correct product line, work with the mills to create the best quality product, and then wholesale the resulting quality assured Canadian made alpaca product to a variety of discriminating retail outlets, making alpaca goods more accessible to an expanding market.

We are filling a need in the alpaca industry but we are also supplying a demand of consumers for consistent quality assured Canadian made alpaca product.

Look for our logo at a store near you.


Alpaca Naturally Inc. was incorporated in September 2014 by Cathy Merkley, Cathy Newby and Lynn Hilderman. These three alpaca farmers have been learning, practicing and teaching proper fibre management on their alpaca farms, volunteering in the industry, pioneering fibre initiatives and education opportunities since 1996, the earliest days of alpacas in Canada. These girls know their fibre and have set a high standard of quality assurance.

Cathy Newby specialized in breeding black alpacas under the farm name Just Choice Alpacas. She manages her successful Alpaca Store and Studio in Dinsmore, Sk. Cathy is the logistics expert of the trio and was a founding member of the Canadian Camelid Fibre Co-operative. She served on the BOD for many years holding a variety of positions including Treasurer and President. Cathy is a qualified knitter and fibre expert.

Cathy Merkley co owns and operates TnC Farms and the Alpaca Loft Fibre Studio in Lloydminster, Sk. She is a respected certified AOA Fleece Judge who has worked around North America, and in Europe. She is a certified Sorter & Classer since 2004 and has worked across Canada, classing fleece and giving herd assessments. She has recently written and instructs the Certified Classing Program for Halliburton College in Ontario. Cathy is a juried knitter and qualified fibre expert.

Lynn Hilderman owns and operates Country Vista Lil Farm Store in Swift Current, Sk. She is a Shearer, Certified Sorter & Classer since 2004, and in 2015 became an official Fibre Mentor through the Halliburton Program. She volunteered at the first Canadian Camelid Fibre Co-op collection in 2001 where 3000 lbs of fibre were processed in one week. She has had her hands in fibre learning and teaching ever since. Lynn is a spinner, felter and qualified fibre expert.