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  • Insoles

    Insoles (1)

    50% Alpaca 50% Wool. Made in Canada. Warm, soft and dense, these insoles completely mold to your foot for a warm and comfortable fit. A truly Canadian MUST HAVE!
  • Kits

    Kits (9)

    Kits are for beginner to advanced knitters. Included in each kit are the materials and pattern to create popular products.
  • Pressing Pads

    Pressing Pads (1)

  • Yarns

    Yarns (12)

    Alpaca Naturally yarns are sourced from Canadian grown alpaca fibre, professionally sorted and classed and then sent for processing to Canadian mills. Alpaca yarn can be used in any knitting or crochet pattern that has the same weight of yarn and where your tension is as per the instructions. Alpaca is also suited to woven fabrics alone or in combination with other yarns: a wool warp and an alpaca weft, for example.
  • Socks

    Socks (5)

    Canadian made alpaca socks in four styles to choose from: the dress sock, ankle sock, casual sock and our ultimate terry sock. All of these styles offer you dry, comfortably warm feet. Customers LOVE our socks, so we occasionally run low on certain styles, colors and size combinations.
  • Bedding

    Bedding (2)

  • Batts

    Batts (1)

    Alpaca Naturally's soft alpaca/wool blend batts are perfect for fibre art projects including quilting, felting and spinning.
  • Rovings

    Rovings (4)

    Rovings are a continuous strand of unspun  fibre that are perfect for handspinning, rug hooking, felting and specialty knitting projects.
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